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Tuesday, March 1, 2022
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Greater Windsor Concert Band

The Greater Windsor Concert Band
Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Bringing live music to Windsor-Essex since 1997

Message from the Podium

September 16, 2021

Hello Friends
It’s hard to believe that it’s been since January that I have updated this message. Where does the time go when you’re in a pandemic. At my last writing, I was really hopeful to be in rehearsals and perhaps have played one or two park concerts by now. Unfortunately, that was not to be. We have had six outdoor rehearsals (all participants fully vaccinated). The first four were Sunday afternoons under the spreading chestnut tree at the county at the home of Dan and Karen Soulliere. We thank them for their hospitality and we had a really great time playing music. I selected music that is easily readable and fun to play. There was no expectations of performance excellence. The goal was to have fun and that goal was achieved.

Having said that, I was astonished at the level of playing after a full year and a half of no rehearsals. All that pre-pandemic woodshedding really paid off. Intonation was good, rhythm was good, balance and blend was surprisingly good. It was a joy to hear band music again. We thought we might get more players by moving the rehearsals back to our regular Wednesday nights, but of course it gets dark earlier. Up stepped our Vice President, Gabrielle Papineau, who also lives out in the county and has a huge garage with lovely lighting. So the last two rehearsals were held there. Unfortunately we still only had about a quarter of the members attending, so rehearsals have ended until next spring. We are blessed to have members like Karen and Gabrielle that are so willing to be accommodating.

We hope you are staying safe. We miss seeing you and we hope the situation changes over the winter so that we can get back to rebuilding the Greater Windsor Concert Band.

Musically Yours
Ric Moor
Music Director

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The Greater Windsor Concert band, a not-for-profit group of amateur musicians from all walks of life, is dedicated to bringing live concert band music into the community, and to providing a place for adult musicians to practice their craft.  We play a variety of concerts throughout the year, including our formal spring and fall concerts, Christmas concerts, and free concerts in the park during the summer.  We welcome inquiries from accomplished musicians of all ages about joining our group.  Rehearsals are normally held (currently on hold due to the pandemic) on Wednesday evenings at the old library building at 2710 Lillian in Windsor. At this time, however, we are not holding rehearsals or concerts. Keep in touch to find out when we will be resuming our regular schedule.  (map)

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