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Outdoor Park Concert
Reaume Park (Riverside E. at Pillette) (map)
7:00pm Sunday, June 16, 2024
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Please help us bring great music to the community!

Music Samples

Here is a taste of music from the Greater Windsor Concert Band. These samples were recorded over the years at various concerts in and around the Windsor, Ontario/Essex County area. Some full recordings of these tunes are available on our various CDs and others can be viewed by following the link to our YouTube Channel. To find out how to get YOUR copy of one of  our CDs please email our President.  Click on the YouTube icon at the bottom of our webpage to see more fun recordings and video content from the GWCB.

If you enjoy listening to these short samples, come out and listen to us live at our next concert. Hope to see you there!

Alla-Barocco.mp3 (0.4 MB)
BellasLullaby.mp3 (0.5 MB)
Best-Years-of-Our-Lives.mp3 (0.3 MB)
Blue-Moon.mp3 (0.4 MB)
BrightLightsonBroadway.mp3 (0.5 MB)
DisneyMedley.mp3 (0.6 MB)
DixielandStrut.mp3 (0.5 MB)
DontStopBelievin.mp3 (0.5 MB)
FavoriteThings.mp3 (0.5 MB)
GospelinDixieland.mp3 (0.6 MB)
HowInsensitive.mp3 (0.5 MB)
Legend-of-the-Ghost-Dance.mp3 (0.4 MB)
My-Lord-What-a-Mornin.mp3 (0.6 MB)
MyHeartWillGoOn.mp3 (0.5 MB)
OvertheRainbow.mp3 (0.5 MB)
Perfect-Storm.mp3 (0.4 MB)
PhantomoftheOpera.mp3 (0.4 MB)
PiratesoftheCarribbeanAtWorldsEnd.mp3 (0.5 MB)
RhapsodyinBlue.mp3 (0.5 MB)
Rock-Legends-Chicago.mp3 (0.4 MB)
Siyahamba.mp3 (0.4 MB)
StrangerontheShore.mp3 (0.5 MB)
Tequila.mp3 (0.5 MB)
The-Free-Lance.mp3 (0.4 MB)
Wallace-and-Gromit.mp3 (0.4 MB)
What-Wonderous-Love.mp3 (0.3 MB)

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